PowerAdspy Vs. AdPlexity: Which is the Best Ad Spy Tool?

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PowerAdspy Vs. AdPlexity: Which is the Best Ad Spy Tool?

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Before getting into the entire discussion about ad spy tools and why someone would need them, let me get to the basics. Social media marketing may sound easy if you don’t know much about the subject matter. However, as and how you learn more about it, you start to realize that you’re in a rabbit hole.

It can be extremely frustrating, especially in a time where social media marketing has started to become highly competitive and is gaining undeniable importance in almost every industry vertical.
If you are wondering how to approach your strategy and are crippled by the fear of losing money with no ROI, maybe you should take a sneak peek into what your competitors are doing to win? Yes, it’s possible.

There are many tools in the market that allow you to spy on your competitor’s Facebook advertisements and tell you the secret sauce that kicks off some of the most viral marketing campaigns. While Facebook doesn’t like such tools and has most of them banned, there are a few that somehow manages to bring a fresh platter of secrets right from your competition’s campaigns.
PowerAdspy and AdPlexity are two of the most renowned platforms used for spying on competitor ads on Facebook. However, which one would be the best fit for your requirements? Let’s find out.

Below, we will be comparing these two platforms and rating them on different aspects to decide a winner that can fit your business as a latex glove does to a hand.



PowerAdSpy relies on several different sources to collect Facebook Ads. This enables you to find the advertisements that performed the best on this platform. It also monitors ads that are explicitly run by your competitors to bring their winning campaigns to you. This not only allows you to gain insight on how several competitors are functioning in the digital realm, but also allows you to find that secret ingredient and use it to replicate, or in some cases, even surpass their success.

The servers of this platform are regularly updated with the latest best performing advertisements, enabling businesses to keep up with the recent trends by viewing the best Facebook ad examples.
With more than 80 million business-related Facebook pages, this tool has started to pose as a lifesaver for many businesses in ways more than one.

Benefits Provided by PowerAdspy 

To add a cherry on this cake, let’s browse through some compelling benefits provided by PowerAdspy.

  • PowerAdspy is one of the most relevant ad spy tools for your business; simply because it allows you to look up for the best Facebook ad examples based on any specific niche or domain.
  • It enables easy filtering of advertisements on different social media platforms.
  • It not only helps businesses create effective social media marketing strategies. But if companies already have a plan in place, it gives additional insights that can aid in efficient review and revision of the same.
  • It enables you to extract data from top-performing advertisements on social media platforms and apply new-found information to your campaign, driving higher conversions.

Apart from enabling you to spy on best Facebook ad examples, it also allows you to target your direct competitors and brings all the necessary information to form a successful campaign.

  • It is time and cost-effective as it provides insights into how to design a viral ad campaign and drive higher sales.
  • Lastly, PowerAdspy enables you to find relevant ads from a massive collection of 6 million ads collected from over 15 countries.

Now, let’s look at some features provided by this platform.

The Intricate Filter and Search System 


Some of the best Facebook ad examples that actually work are updated and received by the data processing servers in PowerAdspy. It is where the information is collected, processed, and converted into statistics that provide insights into better decision-making.

You can use this platform to gain insights into ads based on different variables like keywords, age, advertiser, etc. which can inspire your campaign. And the best part? All this information can be accessed through a single dashboard.

Statistics generally include information regarding the interests of your target audience like their age, relevant geographical information, and your competition’s activities.

It also allows you to sort ads based on types of engagement such as likes, shares, comments, date of posting, etc. to pick the ads that are most relevant to your current campaign and strategy.

PowerAdspy Analytics 


It provides analysis that includes information regarding engagement statistics, different targeted market segments, ad reach, trending weekly ads, among many other things, on a single page.

Filter and Bookmarking System

PowerAdspy enables you to choose a better placement by studying different positions such as News Feed, Side Location, and many others, aiding in maximum conversions.

You can also bookmark ads that inspire the creatives or copies of your upcoming ad. This way, you can develop a repository of ideas and never lose any time finding it again.

PowerAdspy Enables Geotargeting 


This platform can draw data regarding your competitors’ geo-targeting strategies, helping you understand your target audience and influence your campaign decisions accordingly.

PowerAdspy Extension for Browser 

This extension is beneficial as you can see all ads on your newsfeed. Alongside that, it provides information such as the history and other insights of advertisements published by your competitor.

This extension can be easily installed and used from your browser. What makes the deal sweeter? You can use it for free, forever. All you have to do is access your Facebook profile using Google Chrome to activate the extension. You then gain access to a gold mine of relevant data.

Live Ad Monitoring 

This ad spy tool allows you to monitor the ads of your competition in real-time. It enables time savvy monitoring and a better understanding of the top-performing relevant ads.

You can also lookup data such as hashtags, content used, and live pages at a simple click of ‘show original button’ under each ad.

Ads on Other Platforms 


PowerAdspy allows you to spy on other platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, and Shopify. All the features and benefits mentioned above are also applicable to these platforms when spying on competitor ads and gaining priceless insights. Along with creative ads, it also works with video ads just as effectively.

The ad intelligence platform of Instagram aids you to discover some of the most profitable ideas and campaigns on this platform and analyze different rival strategies in detail to refine your own.
A new update also allows you to sort through more than 5 million Instagram ads, published across 15 countries. Moreover, you can also automate your tasks and optimize your ROI in real-time.

PowerAdspy Packages 


PowerAdspy offers four different packages to choose from:

  1. The Basic Package at $49, billed monthly.
  2. The Standard Package at $99, billed monthly.
  3. The Premium Package at $149, billed monthly.
  4. The Platinum Package at $249, billed monthly.
  5. The Palladium Package offers everything at $349, billed monthly.

Apart from these, if you are unable to invest anything in this tool, PowerAdspy can prove to be the tool to go for as it is one of the best free Facebook ad spy tools you must try out in 2020. This free package limits to 20 searches per month, across all four major platforms viz. Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube.

PowerAdspy Cons

There are virtually only two cons to this tool:

  • The basic version of PowerAdspy lacks many features mentioned above, which pushes you to opt for the other three plans and invest on a higher end.
  • You must have a basic understanding of various technical and analytical skills to use this platform optimally.



Adplexity relies on several different sources for collecting information. It includes hundreds of advertisers, dozens of popular traffic sources, and many other affiliate networks. AdPlexity allows you to monitor ads and different campaigns in native, mobile, and desktop, enabling faster market research and effective strategy building.

AdPlexity has a database of campaigns run in more than 75 countries. This database provides the best Facebook ad examples that were run in the past or are running in real-time. It assists in giving insights into the functioning of your competitor’s ad campaign. Furthermore, you can use the filtering and sorting options to view the best Facebook ad examples that actually work. And use the data from these to make your own viral Facebook ad.

The statistical data provided by this tool can be segregated on the basis of several factors. Apart from that, it is a platform much more relevant for affiliate marketers, as compared to companies that want to develop a ground-breaking social media marketing campaign.

The platform has a simple user interface that is easy to navigate and doesn’t require an experienced person to operate. It also helps in discerning the different networks, offers, landing pages, countries, ad formats, and traffic sources that are the most relevant for your niche.

AdPlexity Benefits 

AdPlexity has quite a few benefits that have made it a choice compelling enough to be compared with PowerAdspy.

  • It is one of the best ad spy tools used by affiliate marketers to make more money instantly.
  • It offers specific products for different platforms. Hence, if you don’t want to get the whole deal, you can simply purchase a niche product for your requirements.
  • It enables you to look up for best Facebook ad examples that actually work in any specific niche or domain.
  • This tool allows for easy filtering across different social media platforms. It will enable you to find ads that are relevant to your requirements, quickly and feasibly.
  • The tool spies on your competitor’s campaigns and brings the formula to their success. You can mold and use it for your own business.
  • Lastly, It has a database of ads from over 75 countries, which is continually updated to support user queries with the latest data.

Now, we must look at some key features of AdPlexity that can shed light on this comparison between the two ad spy tools that you must try in 2020.


AdPlexity provides insights into best performing ads on different social media platforms. You can filter out these insights and sort them by variables such as target audience, name of the advertiser, age, etc. which can aid in better understanding of the social media marketing world. However, AdPlexity offers five different tools for different usage types, priced differently.

Filtering and Sorting based on engagement 

This ad spy tool also enables you to look for best performing advertisements based on how your target audience interacted with that piece of content. It can be filtered based on different variables such as likes, shares, comments, date of posting, etc. It lets you find the most relevant ads that work well with your business, niche, strategy, and campaign.


AdPlexity offers geo-targeting, helping you draw up data on ads in specific areas of your target.

Different Types of Ad Spying 


This tool supports various types of ads such as pop-ups, mobile, web, as well as in-app advertisements, all on the same platform. With these different types of ads supported by the same platform, the database available is massive. And only an experienced marketer will know the value of it.

Competition Alerts 

Unlike PowerAdspy, AdPlexity, unfortunately, doesn’t provide competitor alerts. It means you are losing out on different real-time campaigns run by your competition.

AdPlexity Packages 


These people offer five different ad spy tools priced differently:

  1. Desktop Mobile tool- $199 per user, billed monthly.
  2. AdPlexity Native- $249 per user, billed monthly.
  3. Push Ads Tool- $149 per user, billed monthly.
  4. AdPlexity eCommerce- $199 per user, billed monthly.
  5. AdPlexity Carriers- $149 for 500 MB, for a monthly data transfer.

Unlike PowerAdspy, this software doesn’t offer a free version of the ad spy tools, so you must pay a minimum of $149 to use any tool.

However, it does offer free cancellation of the purchase within 24 hours of the same.

Cons of AdPlexity: 

There are quite a few cons of AdPlexity in comparison to PowerAdspy

  1. It doesn’t offer a free version of their tools. It means that you must purchase to use the same.
  2. This tool doesn’t come with competitor alerts. This can be a huge turn off for most businesses. As they use the tools to spy on their competitor’s ad campaigns.
  3. While AdPlexity offers an array of features, they are differential across different spy tools.

They have five different tools that offer specific ad discovery. However, if you want to look for ads from a different domain, you need to purchase an entirely new spy tool.

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Final Thoughts 

As we can see above, PowerAdSpy provides a more extensive database of ads, as compared to AdPlexity. However, AdPlexity has data spread across more countries. Apart from that, PowerAdSpy offers an all-in-one tool for all your ad requirements, and from one single dashboard. On the contrary, AdPlexity provides different tools to spy different types of advertisements. Meaning one would have to manage multiple dashboards.

All-in-all, AdPlexity does offer some cool features. But it is nothing PowerAdSpy doesn’t already have. On the other hand, PowerAdspy is offering much more intricacy in filtration. Thus enabling you to track relevant ads, even in real-time.
Apart from that, just looking at the pros and cons of both these platforms has provided us with enough information to crown PowerAdspy as the winner of this round.
All in all, you would be much better off using a tool that encompasses every single type of ad. As compared to five different ad spy tools with various dashboards.

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