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Are you looking out for a social media spy tool? That too for Facebook Ads, then you have landed at the right place. Let us look at an ad intelligence tool today, BigSpy. BigSpy is known for its clarity filtering, core analysis, and intuitive design. These features should make you eager to experience BigSpy today.   

BigSpy not only assists in drawing innovative revelations for your marketing campaigns but also manages to analyze rival’s ad strategies and understand what is working for them that might work for your ads.

Let us dig quickly into the details of BigSpy to discover its features, pricing, and pros and cons.   

What is BigSpy?

Digital Marketing tools like BigSpy are a boon for various internet user genres who wish to market their service base to a broad audience.BigSpy boasts of being the best utility tool and a one-stop solution for ads across multiple social media platforms.

Its manifold utility can handle multiple elements of digital business like getting inventive ads created, spy on competitor activities across numerous platforms, and track their performance.  

BigSpy integrates with various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, PinterestAdMob, Yahoo, and Youtube. Such mobile device integrations help users to access and run their ad campaigns on the go.

They also help users obtain product reviews, ad insights, and daily performance trends as inspected by the platform spy data and intelligence. BigSpy is the ultimate solution and a must-have tool for digital marketers for unearthing their competitor’s ad secrets and having a limited budget plan.    

How does BigSpy work?

BigSpy website user interface is easy to use and friendly such that it is accessible to any beginner. The platform works similar to any social media platform with many filters based on age, location, gender, and many more as per your preference.

Ad Spy

This one feature comes in handy most of the time. You will be able to find many social media platforms on the dashboard. You can enter the keyword you wish to analyze. Also, the advanced filters let you refine your search based on country, language, etc. Once you insert any keyword, BigSpy returns the number of results within the time searching.


The Detailed Insight also gives you the complete demographics and information on viewer age, gender, location, etc. 

Ad Idea


This part helps you to get ideas regarding the text of your ads. There are various filters and advanced searches. You also have the provision to sort by Comment, Like, and Share. The analytics part also returns the ad’s rank value on different social media platforms. 

Top Charts

Top Chart is a new feature added in BigSpy presenting different social media platforms. Ads can be analyzed based on Top Charts, Industry Type, etc. There is also an advanced feature option available. 


The Ads Count returns all the ads generated by the advertiser during a specific period, along with the ad trends, performance, and industry rank.


The last part is important for tracking ads as it works with Featured Ads, People Tracked, and My Tracked.


The Featured Ads refines featured ads with good performance to access popular ads.

The People Tracked feature lets you access ads that have the most number of tracks by people that is quite helpful in understanding the advertising trend.

My Tracked part features ads that you are interested in. The ads you have clicked get stored in the tracked ads.

BigSpy Key Features

The vital segment of any platform is its features and functionality. BigSpy holds a wide array of incredible features that are helpful for all digital marketers and internet professionals. Here are a few utilities that can be listed.

Picking Correct Ads

BigSpy lets you advertise and its search element allows you to search the most viewed ads people have tracked. This is the most important aspect popular everywhere that portrays your brand, service, or product. The platform’s credibility adds to choosing to trend or winning ads at proper intervals.

Social Media Platform Integration

BigSpy is a multidimensional platform that integrates with the top social media platforms. You can gather insights on any of the platforms from Instagram, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, or YouTube before starting your ad campaign. This eliminates any guesswork as you get to discover numerous rival ads and analyze their real-time performance across different social media platforms.

Huge Ads Database

The digital business mainly comprises competitor research and market analysis as its essential aspects. BigSpy’s huge database lets you discover millions of ads before you run an ad. Accessing competitor ads makes you understand what works for you and what does not. It is most helpful in eliminating unending tests and complex product research.

Self-Tracking Facility

BigSpy helps in tracking our own as well as rival ad performance. This comprehensive feature lets you get the analytics of ongoing campaigns along with its tracking. With this, you have detailed analytics of your competitors, easy to understand market trends, customer expectation, and their response to various types of ads.     

Strong Search Process

BigSpy has a powerful search engine that is fully automated and impressive to be used by any creatives with plummeting features compiled of age, gender, and location. These filters direct you to unearth the date specifics and affiliate offers. 

The ultimate search engine allows you to filter ads by your fav items, industry, CTA, country, date, and time to specifically show the best running ads of the day.

Advertising Innovation

BigSpy gathers inspiration from collected ads that help you pursue what those ads rank always. This is the reason why marketers are prompted to track the most demanded ads by users in the market. 

In-Depth Analysis

BigSpy also offers accurate ad trends, analysis, and ranking. Here, you get a glimpse of the ads used by your competitors that are ranking for them that are helpful to promote your services and products.

BigSpy Pricing Plans

BigSpy offers free and paid plans. The free plan, though with limited access, is useful to test the important features. The free version isn’t enough to test higher demands but is still robust. 


Appropriate plans can be chosen depending upon who you are, maybe an online marketer, corporate business personality, etc.

The paid plans include,

Free – $0

BigSpy offers 5 queries daily with 1 seat.

Basic – $9/month

It Offers 20 queries daily with 1 seat.

Pro – $99/month

It Offers unlimited queries daily with 1 seat.

VIP Enterprise – $199-$499/month

BigSpy Offers new intelligence priced according to seats.

BigSpy Pros

  1. Easy to use interface

The simple, yet intuitive BigSpy dashboard is easy to use for both beginners and experts. You do not need any technical expertise to start using the tool. 

  1. Ads Analysis

With the availability of a vast database and required compiling, BigSpy provides deep analysis and a simple filtering process. You can access the marketing data of the ads and give you the insight to make improvements in your ads for much better returns.

  1. Technical Support

The all-around technical support team is of great help with the chatbot available to help you in distress. The post-sale free guidance and consultation for any snag are much helpful.

  1. Technical Tutorials

The complete set of audiovisual tutorials are a guide to the right path with references to solutions for many glitches faced during the research process. These top-class tutorials are something to look for in case of any technical assistance.

BigSpy Cons 

  1. Restricted Free Access  

Though BigSpy offers free access, it is pretty limited to test any real-time data. Many of the functionalities are not accessible to free members.

  1. No money back policy

The platform offers several compelling features to invest in. But, there is no process to refund the money paid in case of dissatisfaction.  


Considering the overall features of BigSpy, it is one of the best Facebook ads spy tools available in the digital market. BigSpy features make it a top-notch choice to spy on competitors, understand strategies that work for them, and accordingly build great ad campaigns for themselves. The platform is highly recommended to marketers keeping in mind the vital elements.

You can start with the free plan and start with registering on the website. Once you feel convinced with the working process of the tool, you can further upgrade to higher-paid plans for much better satisfaction.

This brings us to the end of the review and attempts are made to cover all the crucial points in this review. If you wish to add more points, do let us know in the comments below.



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