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In the world of entrepreneurship and business, any business to boost itself and to motivate for more success needs client feedback in any form. To earn such feedback can be quite tricky, so to ease the work of both respondent and creator, there are many tools available. Today, we will look at one such best survey management software.

Typeform is a simplified yet versatile online form creation tool that lets businesses create forms and surveys. Ready-to-use templates and interactive designs make designing easy and quick. Typeform is a newly launched app to the world created by a team of professionals. The main focus of this top online form builder is to draw customers and compel them to answer one query at a time rather than bombarding them with several questions and options. 

So, do you feel Typeform is the best survey management software and the right data collection software for you? Let us dive deep and check out.

 Typeform: User Interface 

Typeform offers a free trial for your initial experience. Signing in is easy with your complete name and email address or simply login with your Google account. Upon signup, you will be required to answer a set of ten questionnaires to set up your dashboard. This set of questions is basically about the purpose and use of the tool. 


The dashboard is quite simple with an option to create your Typeform. When you click on the “Create Typeform”, you will be taken to the Template gallery. There you have an option to either create a form from scratch or use any of the available templates from the gallery. There are form templates related to various categories like Feedback, Research, Registration, Lead Capture, Quiz, Application, and many more. 


You can select any template from any desired category and start building your form. You can drag the items and drop them over for creating the form. You have the ready question content on the left pane. You can add an ending or use multiple endings and use logic to determine which people can see.


The header pane gives you options to create a form, connect to various applications and tools, share your form link, and get insights, summary, and results of the created form. 

The right pane helps you with designing part with the layout, other settings, and the logic applied to the form you are creating. Once you are done with all the desired additions and designing parts, you can finally Publish to get the resultant form that you wished for. 

Users who need customer support can search the product’s FAQs or knowledgebase or submit a support request for personalized assistance. 

So, this is how we can easily set and create a survey or form using the cloud-based survey management solution.

Features of Typeform

Typeform is used to serve organizational needs by giving voice to users with their engaging feedback thereby assisting companies to work efficiently and perform better.

Let’s take a look at a few of its important features.

Unlimited TypeformsThe platform offers a wide range of form creation options with customizable fonts, images, and many more.

Payment FormsTypeform can be integrated with many payment gateway platforms to generate specialized payment forms. 

File UploadThe tools let you add media files like GIFs, images, and videos that can be made to pop up with the survey questions.

Priority SupportThe tool comes with a built-in support system that can be used by users in case they face any difficulty while creating a form.

Respondant NotificationsUsers can integrate the platform with their notifications and APIs in order to collect responses on time.

IntegrationsTypeform integrates exclusively with multiple applications and tools.Typeform creates customized Hello and Thank You messages that can be added at the starting or at the end of your form using various animations and sequences.

Plans and Pricing


The basic version of Typeform is free to use. You can start off with the Free plan where you get 10 responses for the plan period. 

The Basic plan comes with 25 USD a month with up to 100 responses per month. Here you can create forms that connect to your workflow. 

Plus plan costs you 50 USD per month with three users and a monthly response limit of up to 1000. With this plan, you can make your forms more beautiful matching your brand.

The Business plan comes at a cost of 83 USD monthly with five users and a monthly response limit of up to 10,000. Here, you can analyze the performance and do more with your data. 

Benefits of  Typeform

  • Each form can be branded with the businesses’ custom backgrounds and logos.
  • Smart notifications help create email notifications and access detailed metrics.
  • There are plenty of integrations available for organizing data.
  • Questions can be paired with images and videos.

Drawbacks of Typeform

  • There are too many customizations for simple surveys
  • Paid plans are expensive while free plans are very restricted.

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Bottom Line

Typeform is a comprehensive data collection tool and free online form builder that is easy to design interactive survey forms. The ability of the tool to customize every aspect of the questionnaire and its integration with other applications is what makes it the best survey management software

The tool gives businesses an opportunity to create mobile-ready, beautiful surveys and forms. Typeform has been trusted by many businesses with countless happy customers.

SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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