AdSpyglass Review 2021: The Best Ad Management Solution For Enterprise

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Technology empowers you to claim higher. And it seems very accurate that the utilization of ad mediation can really help you to grow your business. Basically, it’s a technology using which web publishers can find optimized ad networks to create better revenue-generating opportunities for their business.

In brief, we can say that using ad mediation services like AdSpyglass provides you with the most profitable offers from all ad networks. And you need to opt for the one which has a better CPM.

AdSpyglass is one of the best ad mediation network founded in 2014. And since then, it has been developing as a platform that can deliver better results for the advertising industry. AdSpyglass provides you with a wide variety of ad formats like display banners, Direct links, push notifications, etc.

This post is about AdSpyglass review 2021, to breakdown its numerous features and provides you a quick comprehension of its pricing, working, and other things you want to know.

Why Use AdSpyglass?

The good thing about this ad management platform is that it works in favor of consumers. It has the purpose of filtering out the ads with higher CPM from multiple ad networks. That way, publishers (advertisers) can find the popular ad format and include them all into their stack. So, they can enhance the opportunities for getting more revenue.

However, most of the time, retailers don’t have enough resources to identify a high CPM ad network. And that results in the failure of their ad strategy. According to the previous researches of AdSpyglass, a single advertising network has approximately 10 to 50% of your traffic. While another part of your traffic gets on resale to other networks, or it remains unclaimed for all.

AdSpyglass review

Many advertising networks and advertisers do real-time bidding using the RTB mediation platform (AdSpyglass) to claim the rights to redeem that traffic. Amidst the top best ad networks, some of them have a connection with AdSpyglass like Propeller Ads, ExoClick, TrafficStars, AdsTerra, etc.

With so many ad networks, publisher (advertisers) has the option to look for the most gainful ad offers, which has the highest fill rate. Besides that, AdSpyglass has all the features that you can get with an ad network, for example, geolocation, demographics, and other ad targeting options.

Also, you don’t want to forget about mobile advertising, as now it has become a huge source of revenue for advertisers. With AdSpyglass, you can work for both mobile and desktop platforms. So, you can get more revenue for your business. - Double your profit from brokers

AdSpyglass Main Features:

In the highly competitive field of ad mediation, AdSpyglass has claimed its space as a very effective tool, because of its highly productive features. Still, it’s a very cost-efficient tool, which makes it a popular choice amongst the advertisers.

Here are shown some of its amazing features, which can help you to gain more revenue for your business.

  • Compare the offers from the ad networks with higher CPM.
  • Provide you with the most profitable ad network with 100% fill rates.
  • Different choices with ad formats like Display banners, Pop-unders, Interstitials, Direct links, Video banners (For both Desktop and Mobile platforms).
  • Priorities network-based on-site location and business niche.
  • Target your ad networks based on Geographic locations, Purchase history, Retargeting, and Site-specific.
  • Easy payment options available such as Paypal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, Payoneer, ePayments, Bank transfer, etc.

How AdSpyglass Works?

Using ad mediation technology, AdSpyglass automatically lookout for the most beneficial offers from the high CPM ad network. It is one of the best tools for both publishers (advertisers) and ad network owners. As publishers get access to the most profitable offers for their business, and ad network companies can also get their payouts more easily.

Here is the short video about AdSpyglass, which explains the importance of ad mediation for any ad publishers. So, they can generate better revenue for their own business.

Most of the webmasters face problems to monetize their websites to gain income. AdSpyglass works with those webmasters to provide you with multiple ad networks simultaneously. It has an automated system that filters out the ad network with high CPM rates. - Double your profit from brokers

Easy To Use Dashboard:

It has a unified reporting dashboard where you can check the ad networks, which can get you more revenue. There you can compare networks to find the ones which can add more value to your ad stack.


Calculate Your Earnings:

With so many ad networks, it becomes difficult to gauge the earning potential of each network. However, AdSpyglass provides you with an – Earning Calculator. Using that, you can estimate the earnable profit from your ads.

Earning calculator

With slider options available, you can set your priorities with traffic and your current income. And it will automatically predict the future earning of yours.

Support Major Ad Network:

AdSpyglass support most of the major ad network which has high eCPM rates. And to learn more about those ad networks, you can also check the blog section of AdSpyglass. There you can find reviews about popular ad networks like clickadu,  adsterra, trafficshop trafficforce, etc.

AdSpyglass Review 2020

Anti Blocking Solution:

Ad blockers are the huge upset for the publishers, as it makes them quite an opportunity to earn more revenue. Although adblocker technology is becoming more robust and nowadays, more people have started using such tools. However, with AdSpyglass, you have the Anti-AdBlock solution. That is capable of avoiding most of the AdBlock mechanisms.

Pricing Plans For AdSpyglass:

AdSpyglass lets you use its best features free for 14 days of a trial offer. After that period, it will automatically shift you to the paid plan according to your usage. To check out the pricing details, have a look at this image.

Final Verdict: AdSpyglass Review 2020:

From what I have experienced, most of the marketers and advertisers are very competitive. And they look for the facets which can deliver multi-tasks for them. As far as ad management concerned, I think that AdSpyglass gives you better options by unifying all the popular ad networks under a ad management platform. And the best thing about this tool is that you can sign up and use it for free for 14 trail days.

I’m already fond of the amazing features of AdSpyglass. As a marketer/advertiser, I really liked their native earning calculator using which anyone can estimate their future profits from ads. All things considered, AdSpyglass is the best solution for web publishers and webmasters to enhance their earnings by 50% and more. - Double your profit from brokers

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