Survio Review 2021: The Best Online Survey Software For Your Business

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Survio Review 2021: The Best Online Survey Software For Your Business

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No doubt, businesses these days give undivided attention to the likes and dislikes of their audience. Knowing what exactly your customers admire the most is very important. Chiefly, in today’s age, when competition between corporations is getting intense like never before. 

Well, there are various strategies you can follow regarding grasping the preferences of your audience. However, not all of them might work. Well, with time, companies have inclined more towards online survey software as far as digging their customer’s feedbacks, choices, and preferences are concerned.

However, there are various online survey tools available on the web nowadays. As a part of this business fraternity, a few months back, I was also looking for some best online survey tool to run customer satisfaction polls for my business. And, tried & tasted various software, and finally found a hidden gem named- Survio. 

Today, I’m going to share with you a quick Survio review- the best online survey software for your business. 

Why Only Survio?

As we all know now, it is an online survey software, stands for tag line- Creates Free & Beautiful survey. Besides, Survio is one of those online tools, which provides in-depth analyses of online questionnaires under an intuitive dashboard and seamlessly advance their functionalities to different dimensions. It also has different pricing plans that you can access for upgraded versions. 

So, Survio is not only about creating online polls but also about keeping an eye on their real-time responses, analytics, and much more.

Standout Features Of Survio-

Brilliant Customer Support:

One of the best characteristics that make this online survey software out of the league is its advanced customer support. You can contact them around the clock regarding all your queries. Plus, they also provide customer support through live chatbot, which is an all-in-one package. You can use it and get all your questions answered in no time.

Advanced Mobile Compatibility:

No wonder, mobile compatibility of all digital assets has become a need of the moment. Most of us use the Internet these days on our mobile phones. That’s why you have to also look after the working of your surveys on mobile phones in the first place. Online questionnaires designed using Survio are perfectly compatible to work on Smartphones, tablets, and every mobile device.

Omni-directional Data Collection:

You can collect and analyze immense amounts of insightful data using this online survey tool. And, that too, from different digital channels, like different social media platforms, Gmail, websites, and many more.

Quick Integrational Functionalities:

Here, on this free survey platform, you also get a direct survey link that you can share with your respondents. Moreover, there’s an email invitation option given, following which you can invite your contacts to answer your questionnaires. And, follow-up with them in more than no time. Well, you can also add your survey on your website, blog posts, and e-shop, by getting an embed code just within a single click.

Survey Templates Library :

Here, on Survio, you can access 100+ templates and 70+ designs for creating online surveys. That’s an enormous collection to choose from for your business. Besides, they also provide build-in experts survey examples, that too, as per the different business niche. 

How To Run Surveys Using Survio?

Running online polls using this software is very simple. If you’re already a member of this platform, then directly login to your account. And, in case you’re new to Survio, then go for Signup.

Here’s a step-wise process of running surveys via Survio-

Step 1: Log in to your account. If you have already used this tool, then you can see the data concerning your previously run surveys right there.

Step 2: Select “Create a Survey” option given at the top of your dashboard. 

Step 3: Next, you will be given three alternatives to choose from, such as “Use A Template”, “Start A New Survey”, and ” Copy A Survey”. I recommend you to pick the new survey option, as it allows you to create polls wholly per your choice.

Step 4: After clicking on “Start A New Survey”, you have to give a unique name for your online poll, like, for example, here I have named it “Food survey”. Next, hit on the “Continue” option.

Step 5: Now, you come across a window, where you can add a logo ( available in paid version only), content, and all for your survey. Even, you can change the CTA “Start Survey Now” and name it something else according to your needs.

Step 6: It’s time to add Survey pages, where you can add questions you want to ask your audience. Like, here, I’m asking them about their favorite cuisine between Italian & Chinese. 

Accordingly, you can further choose the answer frame for your survey, ranging from Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Text Answer, Image Choice, Rating, Semantic differential, Net Promoter Score, Rating Scale, Ordering, Matrix- single choices, Matrix- multiple choices, and add text. 

In accordance with the example of the Food Survey, here, I have chosen the Multiple Choice answer frame. And, added the question I want to ask and compose the multiple-choices. Next, select the “Create” button.

Step 7: By tapping at the brush symbol given at the middle left of the dashboard, you can change the background color, style, and texture of your online survey.

Step 8: You can preview your survey by clicking at the “Preview” option given at the right top of the screen.

Step 9: Afterwards, you get asked to answer your create survey, the hit on the “Submit” option. 

Step 10: Next, you can share your questionnaire on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and various other social media platforms. Like, here, I have shared my survey on Facebook.

Likewise, you can share your drafted online questionnaires on following all social media sites.

That way, you can create your online questionnaires in a matter of just a few seconds. Also, On Survio, you can analyze your online surveys with the help of an intuitive dashboard, where you can see the number of respondents, and all your online polls history. 

Survio Pricing Details-

The pricing plans of this online survey tool is segregated into three models-

Elite- Most Advanced System for PROs ($66.58/month).

Business- Best Software for Small Business ($33.25/month).

Personal- Ideal Solution for Individuals ($16.58/month).

All these pricing plans are further divided based on yearly and monthly subscription, all the details regarding them you can find on their website. Lastly, they also offer some of their influential services free of cost. 

Final Verdict:

Comprehending the right information at the right point in time makes a business shine out. That’s why you should have prominent channels for collecting insightful details about your brand, which obviously you will experience with Survio. It is one of the best online survey tools you can use for your business. By using it, you cannot only create impactful online polls but also gather an abundance of data regarding them. Plus, analyze and share them around on different digital and social media platforms. Taking everything mentioned above, you can say it is an all-in-one platform as far as online surveys are concerned.

Did I miss out on something concerning Survio, which you would like to share with us? If yes, then feel free to share your opinions regarding this Survio review post in the comment section below.


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