SurveyMonkey Review 2021: Is It The Best Online Survey Software?

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SurveyMonkey Review 2021: Is It The Best Online Survey Software?

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Surveys are fine, but what’s with a survey software- one might ask.

Remember those days when you used to give surveys for the improvement of a company’s products and services on a piece of paper?

Yes, me neither.

Those days are gone when the print media was a necessity- now we have the internet. Collecting data becomes very easy when all you have to do is distribute a link among all, wait for the recipients to fill the required information, and receive them at the end. With online surveys making their way into the online market, nobody relies on offline surveys, and in this post, I am going to review one such survey software- SurveyMonkey.

Before we get into the further details of SurveyMonkey Review 2020, let’s get to the basics.

What Is SurveyMonkey? 

SurveyMonkey-Survey Software-Online Surveys

SurveyMonkey is an online survey platform that provides companies and organizations with a database of people’s feedback to any survey, polls, feedback, etc. and assists them in improving their overall performance over time. You can roll out a poll or survey as soon as you stumble upon a topic to get real-time results for them. This software primarily carries out the surveys on Facebook, but comes with other options as well.

Why SurveyMonkey?

SurveyMonkey is very different from any other survey software as it comes with very high-security and end-to-end encryption along with centralized administration. Their integration and APIs allow you to combine your survey data with the data that you already have with you and get a real-time analysis of your audiences’ feedback.

An Overview Of The Features

I like how this software makes the surveying process so feasible, especially on Facebook. But here are some more highlighted features that they offer:

1. Survey Features 

Custom Survey URLs- You can customize the URL according to your survey to make it more memorable and appealing for your customers. This way, you can make your questions more clickable.

Question Branching- You can create branched surveys where the recipients can skip certain questions, and you can subsequently guide them based on the responses. This way, you can come up with personalized results.

Email Marketing- SurveyMonkey comes with a robust Email marketing solution for its customers to assist them in getting touch with their audience personally via emails.

SurveyMonkey-Survey Software-Online Surveys

Question Library- Users get a question bank of certified and relatable questions. They can also save the recurring questions of their surveys there, then use them in further studies.

Data Analysis Tool- Along with collecting data, you can also analyze it. Benchmark the trending data, filter the results and modify your surveys accordingly.

Mobile Survey- This software offers a mobile-friendly survey option, ideal for evet smartphone and tablet. These surveys are compatible with almost every mobile marketing channel.

Offline Response Collection- You can upload your survey data when you are offline, then collect the results when you are offline, even in the absence of the internet.

2. Polls 

SurveyMonkey-Survey Software-Online Surveys

Data Analysis Tool- SurveyMonkey, along with online surveys, also lets you analyze the data that you get from polls with smart filters and statistics.

Email Distribution- Users can conduct polls on their audiences’ inbox directly. Email polls are usually compatible with all the desktops and mobile devices.

Live Tracking- You can keep an eye on your audiences’ responses in real-time, instead of waiting for the recipients to fill the answers and collect the results.

Feedback Collection- Users can collect their recipients’ feedback, manage them centrally, and convert them into business results feasibly with SurveyMonkey.

Some more Features

Supports Media- This platform supports all sorts of media, including photos, videos, audio files, etc.

Ease Of Use- SurveyMonkey is very easy to use for everyone. Even a newbie can utilize this platform, without any hassle.

Useful For:

SurveyMonkey can be a great solution to the people looking for collecting data or feedbacks in the industries like:

Market Research- Companies and businesses that want to stay ahead of their competitors can survey their customers for knowing the trends and understanding what they want.

Education- Academic institutions can survey their students and guardians to understand the changes that they need to make in their curriculum.

SurveyMonkey-Survey Software-Online Surveys

Customer Support- A company can directly ask its customers about their personal experience with their products and services and implement necessary changes.

Event Planning- Event planners can collect feedback during and after organizing it to improve their strategies the next time.

Employers- Corporate and private sector offices can survey their employees about the changes that they want in their workplace and come up with the best employee engagement plans.

How To Create A Survey? 

SurveyMonkey-Survey Software-Online Surveys

You can create your next surveying campaign on SurveyMonkey by following the below-mentioned steps:

1. Sign up into your account if you already have an account. In case you haven’t bought a plan yet, register for one or go for the free plan. SurveyMonkey doesn’t come with a free trial.

2. Create your survey and design them using any template. You can pick the questions from the Question bank or come up with custom questions.

3. Copy the link of your poll/survey and share it among your audience via your Facebook business page, fan page, community, etc.

Customer Support

These guys offer 24/7 customer support to its users, irrespective of their business hours. Their representatives are usually thorough, and one thing that I absolutely loved was their response time. They were never late in reciprocating with the best solutions.

The Pricing

It comes with the following plans:


Price: $0 / user / month
Number of users: One
Billed: N/A
Features: Basic

Team Advantage

Price: $1,550 / user / month
Number of users: 3 or more
Billed: Annually
Features: Premium

Team Premier

Price: $3,800 / user / month
Number of Users: 3 or more
Billed: Annually
Features: Platinum

SurveyMonkey-Survey Software-Online Surveys


Price: Customizable
Number of Users: Not specified
Billed: According to the Plan
Features: Advanced

Individual Advantage

Price: $1,999 / user / month
Number of Users: Not specified
Billed: $23988 annually
Features: Advanced

The overall pricing of SurveyMonkey is quite cheaper than its competitors in the market.

Pros and Cons 

SurveyMonkey-Survey Software-Online Surveys


1. Great customer support.
2. Compatible on Android as well as iOS devices.
3. It supports all forms of media.
4. Very easy to use.
5. Affordable pricing plans.
6. Smooth and robust data analysis.


1. Site intercept survey is not available.
2. Lack of SMS and phone polling features.
3. No presentation tools.
4. No options for MCQs and QnA.
5. A free trial is not available.

Our Final Take 

All in all, this platform is commendable and very easy to use- even for a novice. I really liked the security and encryption features, in particular. Though it does lack some options like asking MCQs and SMS polls, it is still one of the best online survey software available in the market.

SurveyMonkey-Survey Software-Online Surveys

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