PowerAdSpy Review 2021 – Extraordinary Marketing and Advertising Tool

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POWERADSPY REVIEW 2021 - Extraordinary Marketing and Advertising Tool

As an advertiser, you witness high competition with many ads achieving goals you wished to achieve one day.

Place a break to such struggles and get proficient than the advertisers in the loop.

PowerAdSpy will unearth those guarded secrets kept with the advertisers and give you a reality check on what works for your competitors.  

Digital transformation and the rise of new communication channels have paved the way to chase potential customers without knowing if the person is interested in purchasing. In fact, how will you choose from so many options?

Let us find out about the best spy tool available today in the market – YES!! POWERADSPY…

This post covers the complete PowerAdSpy Review – details on the products, benefits, pricing, and many more. 

What is PowerAdSpy?

Marketing strategies have changed drastically over the years. PowerAdSpy focuses on creating a database of ads that facilitates our customers to use the ads to build their business based on their niches. Ads are made for various social media channels and compared with what your existing competitors are doing. 

And for that matter, PowerAdSpy is nothing less to show you the emerging world of Advertising Marketing. Being in the marketing industry, one must be updated with emerging technologies every day. The tricks and tactics of marketing keep changing, and one has to be proactive enough to keep up the pace. As a marketer, you can create powerful Facebook Ads much better than what your competitors are doing. The tool helps you to find ads by,

  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Advertiser 
  • Call to Action

The bottom line is PowerAdSpy is a reliable ad spy tool that allows you to find the best advertisements running on Facebook and Instagram. It keeps an eye on ads run by your competitors and offers you the winning ads for your business.   

What does PowerAdSpy do?

The powerful features of PowerAdSpy allow you to create your Facebook or Instagram ads compared to what your existing competitors are doing. It will adequately improve your Social Ads Advertising Campaigns and find hidden niches and lucrative opportunities for you, removing all the hassle of content creation, identifying campaign targets, niche research, and much more.


PowerAdSpy is a complete wrap up of a majestic spy tool with an enhanced feature like,

  • Add Filters -Explore as many ads parallel to your niche, segment according to their position and create a unique one that stands out from all.
  • Complete Visibility and Data Collection – Due to the visibility of your analytics, you can visit and cross-check the real-time engagement. PowerAdSpy can find ads from over 15 plus countries that are added to the database every day.
  • Capable of searching ads based on your niche keywords, advertisers, and even the domain of your contenders. You can also view the daily ads played by your competitors. 
  • Bookmark the ads that interest you that you may wish to include in your future and store them in the inventory for easy retrieval.
  • Search for any particular ad using the exact keywords or terms and sort them according to the date, shares, likes, and comments.
  • Retrieves engagement-oriented data and enables you to research the trending images and videos you may download for your ad campaigns.
  • The ads are targeted based on geography that helps you identify the audience readily interested in your product or service.
  • Provides the best call to action factor that works in your niche.

Search Competitor Shopify Ads

PowerAdSpy lets you search and find majorly engaging ads run by booming Shopify store owners. Users can maximize their profits by analyzing these ads and building their successful campaigns.

Search Ads with precise and relevant keywords

The Social Ads Analysis Tool lets you find ads with the exact and relevant keywords that provide accurate and broader results for improved analysis.


Benefits of using PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy is the most remarkable software of its class that ensures you can run Google, Facebook, Instagram, GDN, YouTube, Native, Quora, Reddit ads that let you generate revenue most simply. 

PowerAdSpy consists of the largest database of Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Quora, ads with about 50 million ads already listed from over 100+ countries and an additional 50k ads added daily.

The software permits you to,

  • Observe current live and past Instagram, Facebook, and Quora, ads that are winners in any niche.
  • Witness their targeting countries, age group, marital status, and much-related information.
  • View the specific location where the traffic of the winners is getting sent. 
  • Reproduce winners for your business

Irrespective of your niche, PowerAdSpy can repeat and stock winners instantly. 

How to use PowerAdSpy?

Getting started with PowerAdSpy is straightforward and very simple with the following steps,    

1)Go to the link, http://poweradspy.comhow-to-use-poweradspy

2)Click on the LOGIN/SIGN UP button in the right-hand corner of the page


3)Enter the required Username and Password 


4)Once you click on Login, the PowerAdSpy Dashboard appears.


5)The left side of the dashboard illustrates various social networking sites. You can explore ads from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, GDN, Native, Reddit, and Quora Ads.


6)You can find a search bar on the top where you can search ads with the help of keywords. You also have various filters to refine the ads as per your requirements.  


Here, you will find four options to refine your search. You can use these filters for a better and faster refinement experience. Ads get refined with the help of these criteria,

Search By:

Text In Image – Specify the particular text you are searching for in an ad and get the result quickly.

Brand In Image – Search as per the brand logo in your niche.

Object In Image – Insert the desired object of your requirement and get ads that include those objects.

Celebrity In Image – Enter the celebrity name you wish to see in an ad, and you get to see them in those ads.

Sort By:

Like – Refine your result according to the minimum and maximum range of like in your ads.

Share – Set the minimum and maximum range of share and get the ads filtered as per the share.

Comment – Filter ads depending on the minimum and maximum range of comments.


Call-to-Action – Choose from the list of call-to-action buttons that are already available to search for suitable ads.

Search Ads by Country – Locate your competitor locations from the available list of locations.

Ad Type – Pick from the option of a video or an image ad.

Ad Position – Choose if you require ads positioned in the Newsfeed or from the side column.

Lander Properties:

Ecommerce Platform – Choose from the available list of e-commerce platforms and refine your search. 

Funnel – You can refine with the help of ClickFunnels, LeadPages, or any other refined funnels.

Marketing Platform – Choose either of the platforms from the list of available marketing platforms.

Source – You can filter out your ads either from Desktop, Android, iOS, or any other available source of ads.


Power-Packed Features

The powerful Features of PowerAdSpy allow you to create ads compared to what your existing competitors are doing. It assists in effectively improving your Social Ads Advertising Campaigns, finds hidden niches and lucrative opportunities for you, avoiding the hassle of content creation, identifying campaign targets, niche research, and much more. 

With PowerAdSpy, you can,

Filter by Ad positions – Search as many ads of choice and fragment the Social Ads as per the position based on News Feed or Side Location for better analyzing and viewing the performance of ads required for your niche. 

Complete Visibility – PowerAdSpy lets you view the live ad posts directly from the platform, you may even verify the real-time engagement with the audience’s opinion. 

Ad Data from 100+ Countries – This platform brings you the latest and trending ads from over 100+ countries worldwide, and the database keeps growing with millions of ads, yet thousands of fresh ads added every day.

Narrow Search – Your ad search can be narrowed down based on your niche keywords, advertisers, and competitor domain. You can visit the top performers and view the ads they run.

Bookmark Best Ads – There are several trending ad concepts born every day and you may wish to apply them in your next campaign. Bookmark such ads and find them in your inventory anytime.

Dominant Search Algorithm – The powerful search algorithm lets you search as per the popular keywords, phrases, and terms that can be sorted by date, like, share, comment which helps in finding ads that can grow your campaign.

Engagement Oriented Details – Social interaction helps in identifying winners in your niche and PowerAdSpy presents such engagement-oriented details of your Social Ads.

Video and Image Ads Combination – Videos are an excellent mode of conveying messages to the audience and work great on social platforms. PowerAdSpy includes a wide range of Social Video Ads that illustrates which videos are liked by your audience and lets you download them for your campaigns.

GEO-target – The million ads data center gives information on the Geo-targets of your competitors that identifies your audiences’ product or service interests.

Call to Action Based Sorting – With PowerAdSpy you can identify the best Call to Actions that works best for your niche.


PowerAdSpy Extension

In addition to the above listed ultimate elements of PowerAdSpy, other aspects help achieve a successful Ad Campaign. The extension can be installed and used from your browser and free for lifetime usage.

A single click lets you view advertisements in your Newsfeed. You may also view your competitor’s ad history and insight. You may get a boost for your next ad campaign with the help of many effective advertisements. To that, make better advertisements echoing your clients and broadcast them at a much lower price.

PowerAdSpy Products


Mailgaze is an all-in-one email marketing software suitable for all your marketing needs. Build better emails, search and analyze competitor’s email and optimize them to meet the maximum standards. The platform helps you to, 

  • Create effective email campaigns 
  • Track your Performance
  • Generate Powerful Insights
  • Get Accurate and Detailed Reports

The super intuitive dashboard lets you view, monitor, and control your email campaign from a single place. Mailgaze’s powerful search process helps you find emails related to your competitors. You can search by Keywords, Advertisers, Domain, Text, Object, Celebrity, and Brand Logo. Bookmarking favorite emails let you simplify and fasten your email campaign process. 

These elements help you to locate emails quickly using a date filter. You can also use filters like gender, age, country to improve email campaigns. Getting to know your competitors’ winning strategies, email properties help you in getting in-depth insight and apply them for your success.  

YouTube Ads  

Marketing strategies can be changed depending on the successful ads and broad data can be obtained on lucrative YouTube campaigns.

It is very easy to discover the best ads and the countries sending most paid ads and organic traffic to your competitors. You can use these filters for more insights and better lead generation.

Check the network getting Native Ads and retrieve several metrics with a click.

Browsing competitor’s ad campaign history has never been so easy and finding what works for them with the split tests, apply the same approach, and gain more success.

The colossal database provides the world’s largest YouTube Ads library with more than 50 million ads from 20 different countries and thousands added daily.


Users can anytime unearth an advertiser’s online strategy using PowerAdSpy Competitive Intelligence. This is the most systematic and quickest method to see better results with your display campaigns. Its working can be described as,

Advanced Search and Filters makes it simple to search/filter by countries and networks. We are also able to know the best ads and countries that send the most paid and organic traffic to your competitors. 

The landing page split tests let you fairly lift the insights and results from your competitor’s A/B Tests and quickly implement their winners in your campaigns without spending a cent.

The competitors’ campaign history can be entirely browsed and find what works for them by running the split tests and succeeding as they do. An in-depth analysis of competitors’ Native ad campaigns gives you an idea about the valuable network group and effectiveness of their campaigns within a single click. 


Create better marketing resolution by understanding the already successful ads and obtain comprehensive data on profitable native ad campaigns.

Native Ads Advanced Search Filters gives you superior search/filter by network/countries by the interests that give you more insights into getting leads. 

Data from the 17 Native Ad Networks can be used to run campaigns to get the maximum clicks as several fresh data are added to the database every day.

Adopt the faster way of browsing the campaign history from the split tests and make your campaign successful than your competitors.

Intensified analysis of your Native Ads lets you comprehend the relevant network groups and numerous worthy metrics within a click.


The faster way of getting easy and secure Adwords strategies of your competitors is now simple with Google Ads Tool. Dig up the highest converting Adwords and affiliate keywords without any hassle.

The platform allows you to filter or search competitors’ traffic by Keywords and Affiliate Networks. You also have an option to filter out consumer interests to get better “leads” insight. 

Find out the Google Ad campaign’s most clicks that your competitors acquire. View the keywords they bought and which keyword groups can be most effective for your campaigns. Find such valuable metrics in a single click.

Locate the entire campaign history of your competitors and find what works for them by running the split tests. Make a way to adapt their success for yourself too.

Keyword Research is a powerful tool to find top-performing ads related to your target keywords. Find everything about competitor traffic-driven Ads Research with just a click.


Reddit Ads lets you build winning campaigns by spying on your competitors. PowerAdSpy lets you see winning ads for any local business niche anywhere in the world. Search by a fan page, domain, or keyword and instantly replicate the winners.

Entire Reddit Ads can be searched that run to lead pages, click funnels, or opt-in offers through which users can view landing pages, engaged demographics, replicate, and Bank.


Quora Ads allows users to get the next level lead generation experience by cutting expenses and boosting leads.

The Advanced Search Filters reveals the best ads of your competitors by letting you search and filter by countries and most paid organic traffic.

Plenty of data from 17 Native Ad networks can be used to run campaigns and get the most number of clicks.   

It is the fastest means to spy on competitor ads and eliminate guessing what works for them by running split tests and making their success yours.

The comprehensive in-depth analysis discovers the Native Ad campaigns of your competitors who get the most number of clicks. Find the network and network groups effective for their ad campaigns and several metrics with a single click.


Join Affiliate Program


Welcome to the PowerAdSpy Affiliate Program. The association helps you in making passive revenue while we get assisted to grow and earn rewards. Valued affiliates get paid when they recommend PowerAdSpy to the customers. Join us if you are a blogger, YouTuber, affiliate, or advertiser. You can make a huge profit by selling our product. 

Getting started on our Affiliate Program is extremely easy. You can,

1)SignUp FREE to our Affiliate Program

2)Promote your link on your Website or Social Media

3)Build a residual passive income with our Affiliate model      

Our worthy affiliates can have a smooth dashboard experience with means to monitor clicks, signups, conversions, and payouts. You can also,

  • Track click details coming through your traffic sources.
  • Get 25% commission per sale
  • Commissions are recurring and not just in the initial phase.
  • Get your cash with our easy withdrawal scheme.
  • Our intuitive dashboard helps monitor clicks, conversions, and payouts.

So, start recommending our product and earn your advertising fees!

PowerAdSPy : Pricing

PowerAdSpy offers you simple and affordable pricing as per your requirement with the eight Social Media Platforms ( Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Native, GDN, Reddit, Quora )


There is a FREE PLAN that lets you perform 100 searches for 1000 ads for 10-days.

BASIC PLAN – $49 Per Month

There is no limit for your search numbers before the subscription ends. However, you can filter ads by keywords only. There will be search restrictions for filtering by country, age, gender, competitor domain, and advertiser.

The basic plan lets you use only the Facebook Ads Spy Tool. This feature helps if you wish to target Facebook ads majorly. Nevertheless, the Basic Plan is the most cost-effective and potential Facebook ad spying software available. 

STANDARD PLAN – $99 Per Month

If you have your ad hunt limited to Facebook and Instagram then this will suit best for you. You can also save from paying for the extra features which you will never use.

The Standard Plan can filter based on placement, audience age, ad type, country, advertiser, domain, and gender.

This plan is also suitable for marketers who want to find the best call to action buttons and find out which are all the countries their competitors are benefited from.

PREMIUM PLAN – $149 Per Month

With this, there is an unlimited search option available during your subscription period, and you can access the tool tracking system features other than filtering your search by all means.

You can have the performance metrics for every result which can, in turn, prove useful for your successful ad campaigns. If you are an affiliate or an online store owner then, you can spy on your competitor’s secret funnels and discover the e-commerce platforms that successful advertisers use.

PLATINUM PLAN – $249 Per Month

The Platinum Plan is apt for entrepreneurs and e-commerce store owners.

With this plan, you can easily spy on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Google Ads using the funnels based on audience age, domain, engagement volume, performance, and the period of running the ad.

Additionally, the plan allows you to filter ads by mobile, desktop, iOS, and Android platforms.

TITANIUM PLAN – $299 Per Month

The Titanium Plan comprises features similar to the Platinum Plan.

The sole difference is that apart from searches on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Pages, you can also search Native Ads.

PALLADIUM PLAN – $349 Per Month

This final laid plan lets you enjoy all the features of PowerAdSpy with an additional search option on another GDN media.


PowerAdSpy : Pros

  1. User Interface is easy to use and spontaneous.
  2. PowerAdSpy lets you understand your target audiences.
  3. Motivates users to formulate successful marketing strategies.
  4. Landing pages can be downloaded in .zip file format.
  5. PowerAdSpy supports all major web browsers like Safari, Chrome, Windows.
  6. Provides access to database of 6 million-plus Facebook Ads
  7. Can run campaigns in over 75 countries
  8. The tool helps you perform competitor analysis, search, and filtering.
  9. Ad campaigns can be analyzed using device target, ad trend, publishers, and traffic source.
  10. Real-time insights can be gathered by running various traffic sources.
  11. Provides powerful filter options based on advertisers, keywords, publishers, and affiliate networks.

PowerAdSpy: Cons

  1. It would be great if a user is slightly analytical to use the tool
  2. Few in-depth guides may help beginners
  3. The pricing plan can be a bit flexible

Why choose PowerAdSpy?

PowerAdSpy is a robust ad spy tool, and there are many reasons to choose PowerAdSpy for our ad requirements. The below factors makes it one of the best ad spying tool in the market today and this because,

  • Offers clear visibility of Ads analytics
  • Fastest growing data with millions of Ads from over 15+ countries 
  • Visit top-performing advertiser/competitor and survey the ads that are running
  • Bookmark your favorite ads in your personalized inventory to use in your future campaigns
  • Find the exact ad you are looking for with a powerful search algorithm
  • Delivers you engagement-oriented details of Social Ads.
  • Provides better ideas for video ads according to your target audience and lets you download them too.
  • Provides precise information about the Geo-targets of your competitors
  • With PowerAdSpy toy can figure out the best Call to Actions working in your niche

Closing Lines: PowerAdSpy: Is it Worth Investing?

Yes, absolutely!

PowerAdSpy is a robust tool great for formulating and executing marketing strategies. Though there are numerous Ad Spy Tools in the market today, none is matching PowerAdSpy.

There is just enough information on how to target, whom to target, and when to target. Get ahead even with the latest market trends and run campaigns for maximum success.

Overall, PowerAdSpy is an all-in-one, one-stop-shop for your marketing analytics. Make sure to buy one today to stay ahead of all your competitors!

I hope the PowerAdSpy Review has been helpful. If you wish to share any experience or thoughts, you are most welcome to do so. Feel free to comment below. We would be far happier to hear from you! 


SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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